Get started by doing 20 repetitions of the exercise below every day for a month. (Because the number of reps is low and doable for all fitness levels, no rest day is needed.) From start to finish, this shouldn't take longer than about three minutes, so it's a small time commitment for a big payoff—in 30 days, your triceps should be visibly firmer, and you’ll feel more comfortable in a tank top than ever.

This four-step move is a powerhouse because it not only works your triceps, but also spikes your heart rate to rev your metabolism. Without that metabolic boost, you may strengthen your muscles but you won’t burn off the fat on your arms that is covering them. 

Before You Get Started:
To do this move, you need a handheld weight that's heavy enough that your triceps will feel somewhat fatigued after just three overhead movements. We recommend a 10kg SandBell because that weight should do the trick, and because you can drop a SandBell—as this exercise requires—without damaging the floor or hurting yourself. Another perk: Gripping a SandBell is kind on the wrists. Instead of a SandBell, you can also use a soft medicine ball or stick to a heavy regular dumbbell but skip the drop in Step 3 and simply place the dumbbell on the floor before moving onto Step 4.

The Move: Triple-Rep Triceps French Press to Drop & Switch

Step 1: Grip your SandBell or soft medicine ball on equal and opposite sides with both hands, and lift overhead. Hold tight through your core. 

Step 2: Bending only at the elbows (not the shoulders), lower your handheld weight to the back of your neck, then lift back up overhead. Repeat this movement three times—this is a "triple rep."

Step 3: Bend your elbows again, but this time, drop the handheld weight you. (If you are using a dumbbell, skip this step and carefully place it on the ground.)

Step 4: Jump around to the other side of your equipment, and land softly with bent knees and hips. (This is when your heart rate gets a boost!) Bracing through the core to protect your lower back, carefully pick your equipment up off the ground. ()

Repeat these steps for 20 repetitions.