Drew Barrymore has revealed she's never had plastic surgery or cosmetic injectables and says she hopes she won’t try them in the future.

“I've never done anything to my face and I would like to try not to,” she said on her talk show, The Drew Barrymore Show

The actress, 45, said she wishes women would be more comfortable with ageing naturally, but she also worries she'd become addicted to plastic surgery if she tried it.

“I know myself - I'm a highly addictive person,“ she explained. “And I do one injection and I'm going to look like Jocelyn Wildenstein by Friday.”

Wildenstein is a socialite who was dubbed “Lion Woman of New York” after famously spent millions on numerous cosmetic surgeries in an attempt to win back her husband, which gave her face a cat-like appearance.

Drew launched her FLOWER Beauty cosmetics brand in 2013, with the aim of creating affordable, elegant, cruelty-free products. She says growing up in Hollywood as a child actor has coloured her view of taking the plastic surgery route.

“I think because I'm so rebellious that I saw all of that pressure and I saw all of those women torturing themselves to look a certain way and I thought, ‘You miserable people’," she explained. "I just wanted to never be afraid of what life would do to me. I probably went to too many opposite extremes, now I'm boring and safe and healthy.

“I would love if there was some way we could let go and give into the ride of life a little bit more. We're going to age, things are going to go south, and it's OK, it's a part of life. I feel more human and more vulnerable every year of my life but I also know how to appreciate every year more and more too.”

Drew, who is mum to two daughter, 6-year-old Frankie and 8-year-old Olive (pictured above with her ex-husband Will Kopelman), shared a similar sentiment in a 2019 interview with Glamour UK: “I feel ageing is a privilege. It’s about how to do it gracefully, with humour, self-love and a respect for the process, and that’s always been really important to me. Then I started having girls and I thought, thank god these were my initial instincts. Now I can carry them out in an even more deep and profound way.”

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