Between all the waxing, straightening, and tousling, who has the time (or sheer energy) for some crazy-long beauty routine? Umm, not us. And not Hollywood pros, it seems. “I usually have 15 minutes, tops, to get Beyoncé out the door,” says makeup artist Mally Roncal. “That means I have to streamline my technique and do everything on the fly.”

Hairstylist Kevin Mancuso hears the same request from his celeb clients. “Stars are in such a hurry now that I need to do updos in half the time it normally takes but get the same great results.”

We figured that if the experts’ turbocharged tricks work for overbooked stars, then they certainly could shave minutes off our mirror time too. Here, the high-powered pros reveal their best new beauty shortcuts to make your eyes, lips, hair, and skin look fantastic in a flash.