"It's not the big things that make a marriage great, but rather the random acts of kindness that follow the golden rule of relationships: Do unto your partner as your partner would like you to do," says therapist Dr John Van Epp.

"Become a connoisseur of your partner. Learn what words, acts, expressions, gifts and touches are the most meaningful and desired," recommends Van Epp. In other words, show your appreciation and love to your partner in the ways that mean the most to them. "When you get out of your world and into your partner's, then your little acts of kindness become momentous," says Van Epp, and help your partner feel known, valued and loved.

We asked real couples about their little acts of love—read on for 22 small but oh-so-meaningful ways people show appreciation to their partners. Get ready to be touched—and inspired. (Take notes. Lots!)

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