Sure, you’re trying to lose weight, but being negative along the way isn’t going to do you any favours.

“Before they make any changes, I recommend that my clients choose a mantra,” says dietitian Ashley Reaver. “It should be positive and focus on the process not progress. Process-oriented mantras help to strengthen our habits. In the long run, our habits will be what matter the most for behaviour change and sustained success.”

Beyond the how, you should also focus on the why, adds health coach and personal trainer Mackenzie Banta. “Dig in deeper. Why is reaching this goal important to you? Write it down,” Banta says.

Once you’ve selected your sentence, incorporate it into your routine for a continual reminder. For example, take a photo of the quote and make it the background on your phone. Or write it on a sticky note that hangs in your bathroom. Here are 25 expert-backed mantras that will keep you motivated, even during the most challenging moments.