Sitting for long periods of time is proven to have a plethora of negative health effects, from obesity and high blood pressure to abnormal cholesterol levels and even risk for heart disease and cancer. One 2017 study found that there's a direct connection between how sedentary one's lifestyle is and risk for early death. And interestingly enough, a 2015 study found that prolonged sedentary time had negative health outcomes regardless of one's physical activity - basically, hitting the gym for an hour doesn't negate the damage done from sitting at a desk for eight hours straight.

The solution: find ways to move more throughout the day. You'll ward off diseases, feel better overall, and shed kilos (if you're looking to do that). After all, standing versus sitting for six hours burns an extra 225kJ (54cal) per day for a 65kg person, and that adds up! Here are 30 easy ways to move more on a daily basis.

© Sourced: The Big Book of Walking for Weight Loss