And while you’re discovering new depths of calm you’ll also aid losing weight and building strength. Your future health begins right here…

Staying trim and healthy can be a bit tough at times, especially when that niggling self-talk gets going. But what if we told you that you can flip the script? There is a way you can stop criticising your body and start caring for it – nourishing it instead of depriving it – with the accent on self-acceptance. And it can begin with yoga. The latest studies show that the meditative practice, best known for its ability to promote flexibility, ease aches and pains and calm nerves, can instil a self-nurturing attitude that will help you feel your best.

“Yoga helps shift your relationship with your body so you naturally start making healthier choices,” says yoga instructor Amy Ippoliti. “One of the beautiful things about yoga is anyone can do it, even if you’re struggling with pain or fatigue or feeling out of shape.”  

“Think of your practice as ‘me time’ – a sacrosanct period when you’re able to unplug, move gently, and breathe,” she says. “It takes only 20 minutes to tap into a wellspring of clarity and calm that gives you the energy to handle the challenges in your life, including your relationship with food and your body, with more skill and finesse.”

This restorative practice will help you see how relaxing and rejuvenating gentle poses can be.

“As you move through the sequence, breathe naturally and stay connected to the present moment,” explains Ippoliti. “When your mind starts to wander, gently return your focus to the physical sensations of your body.”

What you’ll need: A yoga mat, two blankets or towels, and a yoga bolster or pillow.  

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