We know that getting eight hours of solid shut eye helps our cells to recuperate and regenerate for a healthy and radiant complexion. But, the way you're sleeping may be exacerbating wrinkle formation, reveals Cosmetic Physician Dr Pheobe Jones.

“Sleep lines are caused when people sleep on their tummy or on their side with their face quished into the pillow. Over years, this repetitive pressure and friction wrinkling up the skin results in ironing the wrinkles into the skin,” explains Dr Jones.

“In young people who have good skin elasticity and volume in their faces the effects aren’t as obvious and may resolve within an hour or two of waking. As we get older however, we experience volume loss and decreased skin elasticity so these wrinkles can become permanent,” she added.

Try these tips from Dr Jones to ensure you get your beauty sleep – wrinkle free.

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