I have never been so excited to wear flats.

That's how I'm feeling after wearing heels to work for the last two weeks.

Considering the well-known evils of high heels, this probably doesn't shock you. Because heels dramatically change the angle of your feet and shift your center of gravity, they're notoriously bad for backs, knees, calves, ankles and, of course, feet themselves. Still, heels make legs and bums look pretty darn good, which is why I enjoy wearing them on occasion. Everything in moderation, right? 

Well, moderation went out the window when I accepted a challenge to trade in my usual comfortable work shoes for heels—for two weeks. I was curious: Would teetering around in stilettos at the office really be as torturuous as it seems? And how exactly do women who wear them on the regular do so with such grace? Here's how it went—and what I learned:

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