The best part: You probably already have one at home!

A plank is already a great total-body move, but you can make planking exercises even more challenging by adding props to your workout. And you don't need anything fancy: A small weight (1kg) will do the trick. Keeping it light ensures you won't strain your shoulders and can maintain proper form. For planks, try using a toning ball.

My rule when adding a prop to your workout routine is to start slow and make sure that you use it effectively, and that you aren’t using it as a crutch. In this planking workout, I'll show you how to use a toning ball to challenge your balance and stability as well as work your whole body right down to the core!

For each exercise, aim for 8 reps on each side and control your movement with a 3-count on the way down and 3-count on the way up. The exercises are meant to flow from one to the next, so try not to break in between. We will start at the top and work our way down the body; for a greater challenge, reverse this series. If planking on your hands hurts your wrists, feel free to go down onto your forearms.