When Maureen Flatley, 36, arrived for her first workout with personal trainer Katie Peters, she found herself at a playground—feeling a bit skeptical.

“It was hard to imagine that I was going to get an amazing workout at the same park where I take my 2-year-old and 4-year-old,” says Flatley. “I think I had this idea that you needed to spend time in a weight room, spin studio, or gym to build muscle and endurance.”

Yet Peters proved that theory wrong—and fast—by taking Flatley through her signature park workout. “The moves use your bodyweight and gravity as resistance, which can be just as effective as lifting weights—and a lot more fun,” says Peters. “Plus, the exercises get your heart rate up, which means you’re getting a cardio workout as well.”

Here, Peters shares the fun and effective moves that help Flatley and her clients get into peak condition right at their local parks:

Note: This workout is very customisable. Depending on your time constraints and fitness level, Peters suggests completing one to three sets of each exercise.

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