For a couple of 40-something parents with two little kids, I'd say my husband and I have a pretty good sex life. As in, we still have sex and sometimes it's even good! Of course, it's nothing like at the beginning of our relationship when we were all over each other all the time and unable to keep our hands to ourselves (yes, even in public). These days, our sex is definitely much more familiar—very loving, but not super hot. And as for the frequency, well, this is something we disagree on. In my mind, we have sex three times a week. According to my husband, it's more like once or twice. 

Since Rob* is a big scheduler (he's never without his appointment book), he jokingly floated the idea that we should try scheduling sex. This went against everything that I think about sex and relationships. Isn't sex supposed to be passionate, spontaneous and urgent? But Rob made a good point; scheduling sex would ensure that we prioritise our sex life, and I was definitely down with that. Here's what happened when we scheduled sex for an entire month: