After losing more than 15kg over this past year, I found myself having a clas­sic Clueless Monet moment. While the image in my full-length mirror reflected my newfound strength and energy, the face staring back at me in my magnify­ing one looked puzzlingly tired and, somehow, older.

Fine lines around my eyes and forehead had become exaggerated, and my undereyes looked hollow and purplish. It wasn’t all in my head. A trip to the dermatologist for a Visia scan (a diagnostic tool that shows skin damage) revealed my skin’s age to be four years older than my true one. Um, what?!

I’m definitely not alone in this experience. “I see it very frequent­ly,” says dermatologist Dr Mona Gohara. “Sagging, wrinkling, and fine lines are more apparent with even a 5kg weight loss,” she says.

The reason? “Like all the other parts of the body, our face has fat, and that fat actually makes us look more youthful,” explains dermatologist Dr Anne Chapas. “People who have higher BMIs generally tend to look younger.” And since you can’t spot-reduce fat (Working Out 101), if you lose weight, you’re losing it from your face too.

Those who have lost and gained multiple times in the past, are older, or have sun damage are par­ticularly affected in the face by new weight loss. That’s because sun damages elastic fibres (which also reduce with age), making it harder for skin to really bounce back, says Dr Chapas.

Thankfully, a few skin-care tweaks - and perhaps a trip to the dermatologist - give you ways to address your top complexion con­cerns so your face can match how absolutely awesome and energised you feel on the inside. Start here…

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