To speed up your metabolism, your workouts must strengthen your muscles while spiking your heart rate—and of course, you need to do them regularly. These routines don't have to last long: in fact, studies have shown that high-intensity interval training (HIIT) is super-effective at burning belly fat by pushing your body to its limits through short bursts of all-out energy.

This 10-move HIIT sequence gives you a full metabolic workout in just under 10 minutes. Rather than use dumbbells, start each exercise from plank position, so you work with your own bodyweight to get lean. You'll fire up your chest and core, increase shoulder stability and hip mobility, and tone your butt and legs. That's a lot of rewards for minimal time commitment!

Get started:

Repeat each of the following exercises continuously for 40 seconds, taking 20 seconds of rest as you transition between them. Perform this workout three days a week for eight weeks to see results.