If there's one good thing about skin cancer, it's that you acn spot it yourself-if you know what to look for. And the easier you can find skin cancer, the sooner you can seek treatment.

The Cancer Council recommends developing a regular habit of checking your own skin for any changes. Don't rush through this=do it when you have time to examin your skin from head to toe, using mirrors as necessary to check your back and other hard-to-see places. (You can ask a partner or family member to help you.)

Be on the lookout for the followign signs of five different types of skin cancer. "The bottom line is if your skin starts forming a spot that does't look like anything else and it's not getting better, it's growing, ot it's actig differently than your other moles, get it checke dout," says dermatologist Dr Saira George.

Warning: the following images may be unpleasant to look at.

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