1. Care: the radical art of taking time by Brooke McAlary 

An inspiring guide to the pleasures of slow loving from a New South Wales woman who gave up her big-city life.

Care: The radical art of taking time explores what it means to care in smaller ways - for ourselves, our loved ones and our communities - and discovers that caring doesn't need to cost us our wellbeing, happiness or relationships. That making simple changes to how we live, spending more time in nature, putting down our devices and connecting with each other face-to-face, finding awe and wonder in the world around us and remembering how to play, will have ripple effects that reach far beyond our own corner of the planet.

2. Menopocalypse by Amanda Thebe

Both informative and inspirational, this empowering (and witty) guide to menopause is a must-read for every woman.

Discover new, effective remedies for menopause and perimenopause symptoms (migraines, hot flashes, mood swings, and more) in this powerful book, written by a fitness expert who experiences many and shares her secret to thriving in good health.

3. Happy & Other Ridiculous Aspirations by Turia Pitt

How can you survive near-fatal burns and still see the positive side? Turia shares how in this moving story.

Happiness. Everyone wants more of it. But can you actually get happier? Inspirational Australian Turia Pitt dives into this idea, interviewing high-profile athletes, comedians, scientists and world experts to explore how everything from money to our relationships has an impact on how happy we can be.


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