Where do you purchase your skincare and hair products?

She may be loving the laughs and all the fun, but don’t underestimate the strength and creativity that motivate one of our most-loved actors. Discover the few simple changes Rebecca Gibney has made at midlife to feel happier and more energised every day!

I drink way less. I just don’t have time anymore for the slightly fuzzy head. And I sleep 10 times better if I don’t have a drink. I’ve actually discovered kombucha, which tastes 
a little bit like cider, and I put that in a cup with some ice and a slice of lemon and that’s my evening drink. 

I realise the importance of self-care. I love having baths – it’s me-time. I can sit in a bath for two hours. A lot of women feel guilty even if they take a cup of tea and sit down and read a magazine because they think, ‘I should be folding the washing’ or ‘I should be making the dinner’. You’ve got to get rid of the ‘shoulds’! And I have to get seven or eight hours sleep to feel good. I realise, I’m going to be a better mother, a better wife, a better friend, a better human, if I look after myself. 

I’m not so hard on myself physically. I’ve got liver spots and spider veins and I’ve got a muffin top… I’ve lived a life! If my body is my temple I’d much rather live in my temple than try to worship at it. I don’t have the time to spend going to the gym all the time and it’s not 
that important to me. 

I’ve boosted my skincare regimen. For the actual texture of my skin I have discovered an organic range by Vanessa Megan that’s 100 per cent Australian. Vanessa’s philosophy 
is you should never put anything on your face or body that you wouldn’t eat, which makes perfect sense. Vanessa and I are now talking about creating a range especially to suit 
my skin that’s super easy for people on the move. Stay tuned!

I try really hard to not judge anybody. Even if people seemingly on the surface are being awful about something, I don’t rush to bury them, because what if that person is just hanging on by a thread? I try to take a breath before I judge anybody.

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