Amanda is fun, full of life and has a generosity of spirit that you can't help but notice when you meet her. In our Feb/Mar issue we discover how she stays energised with those early starts and how she balances her professional life with being a mother, wife and friend. But first, we asked her five questions we've been wanting to know the answers to...

Gym workout or a walk outside?

A bit of both. I see my trainer Doug a few times a week, because if I didn’t, I’d never go. When Doug’s on holidays, I don’t set foot in the gym. On weekends, I walk the dog – a border collie called Mini. My son wanted to call her Aventador, after the car, but I talked him into Mini. Imagine having to call Aventador at the park. I’d have to flush my own head down the toilet. 

Beach or mountains?

I live not far from the beach, but I go swimming about once every 10 years. I like living near the water but it doesn’t occur to me to go swimming. I’m not a swimming costume person.  

Favourite song to dance to?

Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off will always get me on the dance floor. So will Stevie Wonder. But if I’m out and I hear Rock Lobster I have to sit down because of our [WSFM] playlist. I’ve heard it too often. 

Happiest dance memory?

Whenever I catch up with my girlfriends. Even if it’s just us skanky dancing in the lounge room, that’s the memory I have of how freeing music is. You’re with your friends, there’s a burst of happiness, and you express it by dancing. 

Best music moments?

When everyone is off doing their own thing on a Saturday or Sunday morning, I bake a cake, put Spotify on and listen to a whole lot of daggy albums from when I grew up – the albums I’ve had for years and just sing along at the top of my lungs. It’s my favourite thing.

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