1. I was initially scared of meditation. 

But eventually I saw it as my last opportunity for healing, because I had tried everything else. I don’t think meditation is a silver bullet – it’s not like you start meditating and then everything’s perfect – but it helped me unravel unhelpful ways of being that ultimately let my nervous system get out of that constant state of ‘fight or flight’, which then opened the doorway for my body to heal. 

2. I love movement.

I do a lot of yoga as foreplay to meditation! I also love rebounding on a fitness trampoline, which is amazing for the lymphatic system and low impact, but you still get that incredible endorphin hit.

3. The foundational motivation for me in every wellness practice is... 

“How can I show up as the best version of myself?” I really think we’re here to be our best selves and it’s about stripping away the things that make us feel not great. It’s hard to show up as your best self when you don't feel good.

4. Perfectionism is something I don't really dance with anymore.

I’m learning to say no and do things because I feel like doing them, rather than “does that look good on paper?".

5. When I was young, my Dad taught me that the best thing for being sad is to learn something new. 

I’ve always found that to be true. Being curious is such an important mindset to have in life.

6. Ageing is such a privilege.

Who cares about your wrinkles? What actually interests me about ageing is the depth of knowledge and the resilience you develop.

7. If I could teach people one practical thing, it's be to breathe through the nose. 

I do box breathing, where you inhale for four, retain breath for four, exhale for four, retain breath for four. It’s a simple tool you can use anytime when you’re feeling anxious or panicked.

8. I appreciate every moment, especially with my loved ones.

I lost my brother a few years ago, and when you lose someone young – he was 34 – and so suddenly, it makes you more courageous in your life and so much more grateful.

9. I'm a prolific thank you note writer. 

I love showing my appreciation to people, and I have my [three] kids doing it as well. I credit my mum with instilling that awareness of gratitude in me.

10. If all else fails, you'll find me having a dance party in the kitchen! 

It’s such a great way to recover a sense of joy, reconnect with your body and engage in a bit of playfulness.


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