If you're feeling a little glass half empty, you’re not alone – but that constant stress and negativity can take a toll on your heart, triggering high blood pressure and inflammation, which can lead to obesity and type 2 diabetes over time. Building resilience – healthy coping skills – is critical for overall wellness and, in particular, your heart. Here’s how to get better at bouncing back.

1. Prioritise you

Pay attention to your limits and take time to replenish and restore, emotionally and physically, says psychologist Dr Simira Freeman. Do what makes you feel good – taking a stroll, cooking, jamming to your favourite tunes.

2. Live in the now

“Projecting too far ahead in the future can increase stress levels, so try to stay present and grounded in what you can control,” advises Dr Freeman. “Gratitude will give you a chance to catch your breath.”

3. Find your squad

A solid support system (of any size) is crucial for resilience. “Identify the people who are ready and able to support you in various ways and who can give you the boost you need to get over hurdles,” she says.

4. Zoom in on life's good side

“Perspective is everything and silver linings are real,” explains Dr Freeman. “Viewing challenging experiences in positive ways can help you refocus on the upsides. This helps you grow, learn and feel in control.”

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