Janine Allis shares her top tips for creating success, staying healthy after 50, and enjoying life to the fullest.

1. Change the way you think

People talk themselves into being less than they could be. Some people go, ‘I want to be healthier,’ but if you go through life just ‘wanting’, then that’s all you’ll get. But if you change the way you think to, ‘I am someone who gets up and does yoga at 6am every morning,’ there’s a subtle shift. It’s probably the difference between a great life and a life that’s just okay.

2. Avoid negativity

When I hear negativity, I push it out of my brain. I hear a lot of people make excuses like, ‘Oh, I’m over 50 now…’ Even my doctor said, ‘You can’t be doing yoga every day now you’re over 50.’ I thought, Oh, my God, p**s off!’ I didn’t go back to him.

3. Embrace your skin at any age

Over 40 are the best years because you’re comfortable in your own skin. At 54, I’m probably the healthiest, fittest and happiest I think I have ever been.

4. Exercise daily

Most mornings, I do some form of exercise. It actually makes your brain brighter: you start the day in a more positive mindset. And that means a lot more positivity comes to you.

5. Money isn't everything

When I was 21, I worked on a yacht in the south of France for the rich and famous, from David Bowie to Mick Jagger. And I learnt then that money doesn’t bring happiness. These people have the same ups and downs that people who live in a caravan park would.

6. Find joy in the little things

For me, success is sitting around my dining table with my kids playing cards, and we’re all laughing. That’s worth 10 times more than what I’ve got in my bank account.

7. Make time for loved ones

I make sure I block out time to get things done, and also time to have the life that I want. What gets me juicy is having a good laugh with my girlfriends. If I’ve never got time to hang with my girlfriends, how am I ever gonna get that juice?

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