If you watched Michelle Bridges conquer the paso doble last week on Dancing With The Stars and are feeling inspired to hit the dancefloor – the good news is not only is busting a move a lot of fun, it can also be a major kilojoule burner. Try one of Michelle’s top five dances to feel fit, slim and fabulous.


These styles are big kilojoule burners because you are moving fast and furiously the whole time - and the more kilojoules you burn, the more kilos you shed!

Pole Dancing

Wrapping yourself around a pole is HARD WORK people, and as such it builds seriously strong muscle mass. More muscle mass means your metabolic rate ratchets up, which means your excess kilos strip right down.

Belly Dancing

Apart from just being a tonne of fun, belly dancing really tones and tightens your mid-section through its specificity. Having a taut tummy and controlled curves gives you a much more svelte silhouette, which is an instant kilo reducer.


"Ballet dancers look dumpy" said no one ever. Ballet dancers have beautiful posture and long, lean musculature - so if you want to slim down and glide gracefully through life, taking regular ballet lessons is highly recommended.

Ballroom - quick step, tango

These styles of ballroom require very fast feet and very fast feet result in a very fast heartbeat. A very fast heartbeat is a very good cardio blast and the end result of that is a very fast reduction in excess fat stores!   

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