As if we needed a reason to love Ryan Reynolds more … his wife Blake Lively has revealed on Instagram that he’s been colouring her hair during COVID-19.

On Valentine’s Day, the actress shared a video of her husband of eight years performing his quarantine task.

"That time I f*d my hairdresser," Lively captioned the post, which also featured a second slide showing a selfie of the couple outdoors celebrating the results (below).

In the sped up video, the Deadpool star painstakingly separates her strands and applies colour to sections of hair in a bathroom.

Queer Eye's Jonathan Van Ness commenting on the post:  "The sectioning is really really good.”

Other celebrity friends have also chimed in with praise.

"What can't he do?!" Ashley Tisdale said.

"Now that's love!!" Gal Gadot wrote.

Rita Wilson added: "He's got a knack."

Lively started getting at-home kits from her colourist almost a year ago, so her husband has had lots of time to perfect his skills. 

Reynolds told talk show host Stephen Colbert in April last year that he was going to let Lively cut his hair during COVID-19, despite her making a previous attempt that "looked like she'd done the whole thing only using a lighter or like those gloves made of sandpaper". 

COVID-19 has led numerous stars to ditch their normal beauty routines. Andie McDowell revealed she’s decided to embrace her grey hair, while Kevin Bacon gave his wife a bikini wax.

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