In Season 2 of Prevention’s Thriving in Menopause podcast we ask leading experts for solutions to all your burning questions, so you don’t need to let your hormones rule you, instead you can flourish and live your best life!

Menopause is of those things many of us learn about much too late in life, often whilst we’re already experiencing mysterious changes to our bodies (and our memory!). This can leave many of us feeling blindsided and even a little scared by what’s happening to us. Rest assured you’re not alone, one in eight Aussie women seek help for their strange symptoms. This is why, at Prevention, we’ve created the Thriving in Menopause podcast.

Guided by our team of expert guests, every episode offers reassuring insights into our changing bodies, and provides you with useful tools to navigate the symptoms of this life phase. You’ll also hear honest (and sometimes hilarious) tales from familiar faces such as comedian Julia Morris. Thriving in Menopause is your one-stop tool-kit to managing menopause like a pro!

With one hugely successful series behind us, we’re delighted to announce the launch of Season 2 today. In series 2 of Thriving in Menopause, we explore how your cascading hormones can leave you feeling lost, confused and overwhelmed.  We also discuss practical advice for managing hot flushes, tips to maintaining relationships when your hormones have other ideas, how to deal with stress and mood-swings, PLUS how we can make ourselves feel great inside and out!


Free episodes of Thriving in Menopause will be dropping weekly on the Prevention podcast page, and on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Podcasts and wherever you get your favourite podcasts. 

Come join us on this journey!

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