Let’s be honest. Few of us start the year brimming with energy. After we make it through the Christmas madness, and toast in the New Year, we set our intentions to be healthier this year. But the idea of living up to our own expectations can feel a trifle daunting.

That’s where a spa break can make a difference. A quick wellness escape offers you the chance to break the routine, sharpen your focus and relax into a new set of habits.

Whether you want to kick a fitness goal, change your eating, or simply adopt a more relaxed mindset, a brief spa stay is a great way to get the reset you require.

We’ve searched out the properties doing things differently, whether you want to go the whole hog with wheatgrass and yoga, or simply unwind with massages and meditation. From Australia to Thailand, Bali to New Zealand, this is where to go when you’re ready to get your act into gear.

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