Let me explain how I landed on a website about vulvas and edging while sandwiched between two passengers on a flight.

It wasn't porn or spam but rather OMGYes.com, a research-based sex ed site that—I soon learned—doesn't blush about vaginas. Committed to demystifying the science of female sexual pleasure, OMGYes has been lauded by users including Emma Watson as a direct path to better orgasms, whether solo or with a partner. (Check out how your vagina changes in your 30s, 40s, 50s, and 60s.)

For a fee, you can currently access its first "season"—essentially an online course you take at your own pace, with 12 modules on topics from "accenting" to "orbiting." Excited to find out exactly what that meant, I signed onto the site as soon as I received my login, which happened to be while I was on the airport runway, a few minutes before takeoff. I didn't realize just how Not Safe For Work it would be. (I decided to close my browser and revisit the site in a more private setting later.)

The site has poured more than US$4.5 million into the research behind its candid instructional videos, which feature real, au natural women demonstrating manual stimulation techniques, spread eagle, with cameras pointed at their lady bits. Each module pairs videos like these with written instructions and culminates with a hands-on simulation opportunity—literally, you caress an on-screen vulva (either on your phone screen or with a computer mouse), which responds with raspy moans and live feedback.

Yet OMGYes feels surprisingly unpornographic. Divulging stories about their most memorable sexual encounters, the women featured on OMGYes give voice to preferences and frustrations that feel comfortingly familiar. And while there's something of a "hear, hear, sister" effect, the site's wisdom best serves anyone who comes into regular contact with vaginas—including men. A lot of couples choose to watch the videos together, says OMGYes co-founder Rob Perkins. "Many say it gives them words for the kinds of touch they like," he says. "And it can be helpful to have something to point at with a partner and say, 'Let's try that!' or 'I agree with her—that is really frustrating!'" (This woman tried a couples vibrator with her husband and the results were fantastic.)

The major takeaway is that remaining open to discovery, both on your own and during sex, can make climaxing even more erotic. "No one ever says they already know everything about cooking or dancing or sports," says Perkins—and yet once people have pulled a condom over a banana, they tend to think their sexual education is complete. Of course, even if you have achieved euphoria with one partner, different strokes work for different folks. That's where OMGYes has your back: There are many roads to O-town, so the site aims to prep you for the journey with a varied repertoire and the good sense to ask for directions.

Read on for our favorite OMGYes tips, including some classic pleasers and others that are delightfully unexpected.

Yes, we've vetted them all. For science.

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