Get out in the garden: Studies have shown a link between a common bacteria (M. vaccae) found in garden soil and an increase in serotonin, a happy-making brain chemical. 

Detox your social media: What’s on your feed affects your mood. So unfollow negative friends to hide their posts. You can even try going without Facebook for a month or two.

Treat yourself: Adding 2 cups of Dead Sea salts to a hot bath will ease aches and pains. The high mineral content helps reduce fluid retention and muscle stiffness. Epsom salts can also help you de-stress in a bath.

Sniff bergamot: This sweet-smelling essential oil is uplifting and relaxing. It has been associated with reduced heart rate, blood pressure and stress. 

Hug a loved one: More frequent embraces have been shown to protect people from increased susceptibility to infection when they’re stressed.

(For more tips on clearing your mind, take a look at the Oct/Nov issue of Prevention.)

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