As the weather gets colder it's normal for hair to feel like it's a little less healthy. The lack of humidity has a lot to do with it, as it causes your hair to become dryer. Meanwhile our shifting hormones as we age can cause hair to thin and female pattern hair loss becomes more common after menopause.

The first step to boosting the look and feel of your hair is to go for the new generation of thickening shampoos  -  these both strengthen the hair fibres and improve the quality of your hair. “Look for formulas that not only provide volume, but also strengthening and vitality,” says Rita Marcon, associate director of education at Kao Salon Australia and New Zealand. “You want products that work over time to make your hair less fragile. The new thickening shampoos offer instant, volumising results. Thin, fine hair doesn’t have to mean fragile hair.”

Here are our top 3 treatments for healthier locks:

1. KMS Add Power Thickening Shampoo 

Fine hair appears immediately fuller thanks to the rice protein, which thickens the hair fibre for better resilience against breakage. $29.95,

2. Shea Moisture Lush Length Shampoo 

This lush shampoo contains hemp seed oil and horsetail extract for a nourishing wash that leaves hair feeling fuller and healthier. $19.99,

3. Pump Hair Growth Shampoo 

With skincare like ingredients, this thickening shampoo has Coenzyme-Q10 to restore youthful condition to your strands. $34.95,

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