Three out of four women suffer from a pretty crappy sex life during menopause – though it’s hardly something we talk about. Common symptoms are not feeling in the mood, suffering from dry or painful sex, and physical changes down there. But all is not lost as sexologist Tracey Cox, author of Great Sex Starts at 50, talks frankly and offers practical advice to maintaining a happy, healthy sexual relationship. Warning: this episode includes graphic content. 



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About Thriving In Menopause, The Podcast

Menopause can be a tricky time for a lot of us as strange things start happening to our bodies. From endless hot flushes, weight gain, sleepless nights, insane mood swings, and a barely-there libido.  All of these symptoms can make it a really tough time. 

Join Prevention's editor,  Andrea Duvall, in this six-episode podcast series as she chats to some of the country's best health experts to discover simple ways to make midlife easier.  Subscribe today to ensure you don't miss an episode. 

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