It’s a new year, which means new resolutions either motivate and inspire us-or just make us feel guilty when we don’t hit those goals. Especially weight loss goals. But this year, what if instead of judging your weight loss success based on a number on a scale, you shifted your mindset to celebrate non-scale victories and a more holistic sense of achievement?

“The numbers on the scale can get in your head and distract you from other progress you may be making,” says personal trainer Ashley Stewart. What's more, although weighing yourself may seem like an easy way to track progress, scales are notoriously finicky (ever notice that the one in your gym and the one you have at home show you wildly different numbers?) Weight also varies greatly depending on time of day, whether you’ve just used the bathroom, or how much water you’ve had to drink. All of that is why we spoke with dietitians, doctors, health coaches, and other experts to get their top tips for measuring health and fitness success outside the scale. From increased energy to lower cholesterol, there are plenty of non-scale victories to tell that you’re making progress.