There are plenty of internet memes about women fending off lusty partners when they’re just not in the mood, but low libido is no laughing matter. Sex drive differs from person to person and can also fluctuate depending on a host of variables, so this isn’t to say everyone should be in the mood 24/7. But if it’s a persistent problem, low libido could be an indication of a health or psychological issue - or could lead to one - so it may be worth seeing your doctor.

What it really comes down to is how each individual woman feels about herself and her libido. "If a woman perceives her sex drive as decreased and it distresses her, this can have a huge impact on her self-image and relationship with her partner," explains gynaecologist Dr Lisa Valle.

On the flip side, as gynaecologist Dr Raquel Dardik reassures, "if a woman is happy or not concerned about her libido it is not known to be detrimental to health or quality of life." Here, we checked in with experts to get the low-down on what can cause low libido, how a low sex drive can affect your health and quality of life, and when you need to see your doctor.

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