The power of positive affirmations isn’t anything new - ancient Sanskrit mantras have been used by yogis for centuries to meditate and achieve transcendence-even modern medicine agrees. Studies show that self-affirmation activates neural reward pathways in the brain (which makes us feel good). Therapists, life coaches, and even business executives turn to this practice with extraordinary results. “Positive affirmations are very powerful because they allow you to take back your personal power,” says marriage and family therapist Katie Ziskind. “Instead of getting bogged down by stress and what you can’t change, focus on the positive with a reassuring complement for yourself.”

What makes mantras great is that there are endless possibilities. There's one for every situation, season of life, and personality type. Here, 13 experts offer the positive affirmations they turn to in their daily lives. Repeat them out loud, in your head, write them down in a journal, or frame them in your office. You can also take these quotes as inspiration to create your own positive affirmation.