One BFF who does it all sounds nice in theory, but realistically, the person you who makes you laugh instantaneously might not be the same person who gives great advice or the person who picks up after one ring - and that’s okay. Call the first pal for margaritas; just don’t list her as your emergency contact. (Both, for the record, are important.)

“As human beings we have different needs, and no one person could possibly fulfill all of them,” says Psychologist Sandy Neshin Bernstein. “It’s important not to expect one person to be everything to you.”

We’re all for appreciating friends for whichever hats they wear best. Some will wear many, whereas others will adorn your life in just one specific way. Either way, these are the seven types of friends many women find themselves counting on. Who tends to fill these roles in your own life? You may be surprised by the answer. And if you feel like your list is incomplete, there’s always room for a New Mate (see number seven).

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