If you’ve ever felt like a lot of the people you work with are, well, pretty darn similar, there’s likely scientific reasoning for that: Some jobs are well-suited for certain types of personalities. In the 1960s, psychologist John Holland created an almost universally-accepted map of six occupational types based on personality. It’s often referred to as the Holland hexagon and includes six key traits: realistic, investigative, enterprising, conventional, artistic, and social (see it here).The idea: “The similarity of occupational-personality types is represented by distance,” explains psychologist Dr John Johnson. That means similar types of personality are closer to each other on the ‘hexagon’ and opposite types are on opposite sides of the shape. And there’s something to the idea of matching what you do day in and day out to the personality that you carry with you every single day. After all, extroverts and introverts draw energy from different places-extroverts from other people, introverts from time alone-and thrive in different kinds of situations. (Think you’re a mix of both? You may be an ambivert.)

If you’re an introvert? The Holland hexagon is just one method to potentially help you figure out what career path might resonate with you. Other research, studies, and experts suggest there are even more jobs you might be drawn to and excel at, too. Here, the best jobs for introverts to consider.

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