What is the Prevention Virtual Walk?

The Prevention Virtual Walk is a walk that you can do from anywhere around Australia. Join us over 6 weeks of training as we prepare to complete a 10km walk on October 11th. We may not be walking side by side but we'll all be joining in the fun from wherever we are!

Do I need to be fit to take part in the virtual walk?

Nope! In fact, we encourage you to do the walk if you're getting back into exercise. We've designed a training plan for all fitness levels and fitness goals so that you can increase or decrease intensity as you like. Always consult your doctor before taking on a new exercise regime. 

How do I track the distance of my walk?

You can use free apps like Map My Run, Google Maps or Fit Bit to plan and track your walks. Once you sign up, we'll share all of these in more detail. 

What if I sign up halfway through?

Go you! Once you sign up you'll have access to all previous weeks of the training plan. Simply start at week one and take note of our recommendations to amp up the intensity if you feel ready for it. 

Do I need to wear a face mask while walking?

As Covid-19 is a rapidly developing situation, we always recommend you look to your state government for guidance on the best practice for you. Ensure you maintain social distance and wear a mask if walking alongside or near people.

I'm in Victoria during lockdown, can I still get involved?

Yes, absolutely. Use your 1 hour of respite/outdoor activity to do your training. We've also developed our plans so that you can do the strength sessions indoors if need be. As for the big day, feel free to split your walk over two days or smash out the 10kms in under an hour (we believe in you!).

What date is the Virtual Walk? 

October 11th is the official day of the Prevention Australia virtual Walk.

What date are the training plans available?

You will have access to the training portal on Monday, August 31st. Each Monday for the following 5 weeks you will receive your updated training plan and meal plan.  

Do I have to complete the training plans and follow the meal plans?

No, these additional plans are simply designed to keep you motivated and on track. If you just want to join us on October 11th for the big walk, then that's fine too! 

When will I receive my cap and sports towel?

If you have registered for the Virtual Walk before October 5th, you will receive your items by October 11th. *Pending any postage delays that are out of our control.