When it comes to anti-ageing, many people focus their efforts on fancy eye creams, wrinkle-fighting serums, and even plastic surgery. While these things can definitely help, there is a more natural approach you can take with turning back the hands of time: You can eat your way to more youthful skin. Foods rich in vitamins and minerals can help reverse the signs of ageing. The best foods for your skin are those that contain ellagic acid, biotin, and vitamins C and E, which are natural collagen boosters. 

“Collagen is the most abundant protein in the skin, making up 75 to 80 percent of it,” explains dermatologist Dr Debra Jaliman. Found in the middle layer of the skin called the dermis, collagen is what gives skin its fullness and plumpness. As we age, our collagen stores deplete, but eating foods rich in these skin-loving nutrients support collagen synthesis. “Foods rich in vitamin C will help to reduce the signs of skin ageing,” Dr Jaliman says. “It improves the skin’s texture, firmness, and may help prevent fine lines.”

Dr Jaliman says ellagic acid is also a vital anti-ageing nutrient, improving skin elasticity. Biotin, a B vitamin, is another important collagen booster and acne fighter. “Biotin helps produce fatty acids that nourish the skin to maintain a clear complexion.” Here are 28 foods that are rich in these skin-loving nutrients and antioxidants to help you keep wrinkles and fine lines at bay. 

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